Playing securely at online casinos
Tuesday, 16 July 2013 14:18
Many casino players quite rightly worry about their security.  This is of course an issue for everyone who is risking their money online.  

People do tend to worry whether their credit card details are safe, whether the casino will give their deposit back, and whether the casino will pay out when they win.  These issues are quite separate unfortunately!  Casino security is usually good for all casinos that are licensed.  

All details are encrypted, and licensed casinos have to ensure they are kept up to standard when it comes to encrypting data and storing details.  Although you might have an issue of giving your details to a new casino you have never heard of, a reliable casino should be no more risky than buying goods online.

Issues with withdrawing deposits normally come about not because the casino is stealing money, but because the player did not read the small print.  Bonus offers frequently come with small print.  

If you accept the bonus then you will be accepting all the terms and conditions that can come with it.  These conditions always revolve around the play through requirement.  Every bonus offer comes with a play through requirement – this can be anything from 20 x the bonus to 100 x the bonus plus the deposit.  

There can also be additional rules such as you cannot play roulette, or you cannot play blackjack.  If you break any of the rules, then both your deposit and bonus can be forfeit.  

On the outside this can seem very harsh.  After all if you deposited £1000 into a casino and accepted a £1000 bonus, and you then decided to play a single game of roulette, then you can lose all your money!  Of course most casinos are quite forgiving in that they will allow you to take out your deposit (minus the money lost) if you break the rules.  

However, you still need to talk to customer service, and argue your case.  You are better off reading the rules, and not accepting the bonus if you do not wish to read and follow them!

If you do manage to follow the bonus rules then there should be no issue about taking your money out.  The last issue many people have with casinos is they wonder whether the casino will actually pay out their winnings.  

With small winnings there is normally no issue at all.  There are plenty of winners who take out $100, $500 without any issues.  Problems do arise if you win a large sum of money in some casinos.  

Again, if you read the small print some casinos will limit the amount you take out per day.  If you are lucky to win $1 million, you can find that you can only take out $1000 a day, which means that you will need 3 years to take out your winnings!  Of course, not all casinos have these rules – just be sure again that you know the rules before you get disappointed!

Find out more about how the online casinos protect the privacy of their players, always read the website rules on security and gambling withdrawals before signing up.

Is it safe to play in an online casino. Find out more about protecting your privacy and your money.  Find out who are offering the best online bonuses.

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