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Changes in Online Pokies Games
Written by Lola   
Tuesday, 17 July 2012 14:46
As the debate on whether to legalize pokies continues, gambling companies are still making more money out of the business. Even as more countries continue to legalize pokies in order to fund their national budgets, other countries have completely failed to adhere to the legalization calls and are instead cracking the whip on those found engaging in the business. Even with the numerous restrictions, pokies operators still finds ways of beating the system and continue with their operations unabated. In America, the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act has criminalized gambling in the country but gamblers have found a way of beating the authorities at their own game.
Ideally, the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act allows gamblers to enjoy in the fun of the game but makes it criminal for anyone trying to process the bets. Despite this legislation, operators have devised a way to go around the system and now collections are made in offshore accounts where the practices are around. Through this way, people are still able to take part in poker games and win money in the process even though it is illegal.
Having recognized this loophole, pay operators are making changes in the industry that makes it hard for Americans to take part in online pokies. In recent months, credit card giants Visa and MasterCard entered into an agreement that prevented cardholders from using their credit cards to make payments to gambling companies. This action locks out people who were using their credit cards to take part in the gambling business in the United States. These changes are a big blow to pokies lovers who were using this method to skirt the law.
The move by Visa and MasterCard is a big blow to pokies operators who make lots of money from the American market. Although the use of the cards to make betting payments is still accepted in countries where the practice is allowed, the American market is critical since money gotten from this market is not taxed. This means that poker companies have lost a big source of revenue.
Just a few months after Visa and MasterCard implemented the legislation, casino owners have already come with a way to beat the law. Traditionally, betting providers are identified by their SIC code of ‘7995’. After the credit card giants took this move, gambling operators started to record online gaming deposits as ‘other’ forms of payment. Through this way, the operators have managed to beat the credit card giants and the government at their own game and continue to enjoy payments using this service.
Although the enactment of this legislation could have created a period of uncertainty for U.S. pokies lovers, the quick thinking nature of the casino operators has solved this problem and people can still enjoy their game. Instead of playing this government, which they are definitely losing, the government should legalize the gambling business and create regulations to govern it. By doing this, they will be giving gamblers an opportunity to enjoy their game without fearing repercussions and it will act as a source of income for the government.  
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