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Tuesday, 16 September 2008 11:16

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Didn't Slots Used To Be Fun?
Written by Matt Summers   
Tuesday, 07 January 2014 15:21

Have you played any online slots games recently? Of course you have. It seems like there is a new one released every two or three days or so.

OK, so let me ask a different question: Have you played a new online slot recently? If the answer is yes, then I'd be very interested to know what you thought of it. Specifically, I would like to know if you feel that - like me - the games are becoming less and less fun to play.

Don't get me wrong: the quality of the opening animations, the symbols on the reels and the look of the bonus rounds has increased many, many times from what you might have expected to see in very early video slots. However, this is all just peripheral. It's nice to have, it makes the game attractive to look at but it doesn't make the slot more compelling on its own.

Take, for example, Creature from the Black Lagoon - a recent Net Entertainment game based on the classic horror movie of the same name. There is an introductory animation that is state of the art and the graphics and background music of the game itself really do give it that retro 50s horror feel. It looks great. It sounds great. But, actually, it's rubbish.

The reason it's rubbish is that, as a slot game, it's just boring. You can spin and spin and spin the reels over and over again and all you'll get are tiny little wins that are way less than your originating bet. With this game, all the potential big wins are in the bonus round and that bonus round triggers once every blue moon. This means that the game itself quickly becomes tedious and just not fun to play.

It's not just Creature from the Black Lagoon. I could name 25-30 slots released in the last year that are equally dull. Endless dead spins and insignificant wins are not a combination that any slots player wants to encounter.

If I had to speculate on why this is, I have two theories. One is that these kind of games attract the casual gambler and if they put enough of them out there, then the profits made by the casinos will be proportionately high.

The second theory (and far more likely, in my opinion) is that the people who are actually creating the slot in the first place are no longer casino-industry professionals but graphic designers, social gaming developers and the like. This has meant that the types of games being released don't meet the needs of true slots gamblers as they used to.

For me, it has come as a bit of a surprise that the slot I've enjoyed most in the last month has been a classic slot game called Double Sixteen. This has no bonus round, no animations or zingy graphics and, indeed, it is this game that was the inspiration for this article.

What, I believe, slots players want from a game is actually pretty simple. They want to enjoy the base game. There. That's it. They don't care about bonus rounds with maximum wins of hundred thousands of coins as they know the chances of triggering the bonus at all are low. Too many slots developers are putting all the potential return to player into bonus rounds that many players will never see. The result: boring games that look pretty but don't get people returning day after day.

By all means, keep moving forward with animations, fancy-schmancy graphics and so on. But remember that the slots that get the most returning players are those that pay out once in a while. Not in some bonus feature that won't hit for 500 spins. In the base game. More time should be spent on features like NextGen Gaming's 'gamble your win' option where you have a chance to double of quadruple a winning bet. More thought should go into the coin sizes of winning combinations in the regular game. No one wants to look at the paytable to find that every three or four of a kind win pays less than your bet.

In my opinion, online slots are going down the wrong path. More effort needs to be placed in making the base game enticing. That is all it needs to make slots fun again and to keep those all-important players coming back for more.


Matt Summers is chief writer at SlotsUniverse.net, the online slots portal. Visit http://www.slotsuniverse.net for free play demos, honest and frank reviews and all things online slot related.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino
Written by Monica FT   
Sunday, 01 December 2013 10:26

In choosing the best online casino, people need some criteria from which they would be able to base their decision. They may read some of the reviews made by the online casino providers themselves but they still need to do their homework. After all, it is their hard earned money that they are going to put in. With the numerous online casinos that are offering various games for players, not all of them may be good. People may not be able to cash out their winnings or even get their deposit back if they are not careful.

There are some important aspects of online gaming that people need to think about so that they can choose the best online casino for their enjoyment that may also give them the opportunity to take the big cash prizes.

Sufficient Technical Support System

People may not know much about the technical side of online gaming but they would like to be assured that they are playing in a safe gaming environment. They may read about the kind of software that the casino provider is using and they also need to know how they are protected from those who hack people’s online accounts. The best online casino is able to provide a secure way for their players to transfer funds as well as to keep confidential information.

Players may try the games that they would like to play to check on the usability of the features that the online casino providers have included like how winners will be able to get their prize money and how many games are available for them to play with.

New players may have to download the casino software and check that it works and it is compatible with the configurations of their PCs, laptops or whatever device they are using for their online casino games.

Online casino players may also check the customer support system before they put their money in. The best online casino will be able to provide them with excellent customer service anytime that they need assistance or when they need answers to their questions. The technical aspect of providing customer support should be sufficient and reliable.

Excellent Reputation

People may need to do some research about the reputation of various providers before they choose the best online casino. They can dig into some important information such as the license that provides the permission for the online casino to operate as well as the external auditors that render the needed services for proper taxes, fees paid and other money matters that are involved. Reputable online casinos have certificates awarded from trusted independent assessors as well.

Although it is a game of chance, online casino players should be aware that they have an acceptable degree of chances in winning the cash prizes even if not all of the casino games offer the same amount for its payouts. The best online casino, however, may have about 98% payout on all of the games each month. Reputable online casinos also provide bonuses and free play for their players especially those who would like to try new games. People may need a little time to go through the game before they decide that they would put in their bet. The bonuses that they get may extend their time in playing a game that they may enjoy.

Great Game Variation and Novelty

People may want a good number of different games that they could play. In this case, they may add it as one of their criteria when they choose the best online casino. They may also check the different themes that go with each type of online casino game. Variation as well as novelty may just provide the players the chance to explore more as they spend time playing their favorite online casino game. Players may never feel bored about the games as they can try different but interesting themes. They also have the option to play with live dealers especially when it comes to their favorite table card games. The options are endless but players need to choose only the best.

There are players as well as providers who review the sites and make a list of their chosen online casinos so new players may not have a difficult time finding the right one for them. However, new players will have to check the criteria used in choosing the best online casino provider so they can enjoy only the best and the safest online casino gaming environment. With some definite set of criteria, people will be able to sift through the numerous online casino providers and the hundreds of games that they can play whenever they like and wherever they are.

New players who may not have the time to do their own research before they choose the best online casino for them may simply visit http://www.theonlinecasinowebsites.com/ for more details about their favorite online casino games.



Cool Casino Tips for Newbie
Monday, 28 October 2013 21:55

Participating in a casino game should be fun and fascinating but those, who are in this game for the first time, may feel a little intimidated at the idea of rolling the dice or distributing the cards. And the concerns are not totally unfounded because if you started off on the wrong foot, all your enthusiasm will go wasted.  So, it makes sense that you are aware of some cool casino tips before you enter the world of casino and gambling –

Don’t Do Anything Stupid

Remember what the father in law of Dugg says in the famous movie ‘Hangover’? Yup, you do remember – ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’. So, keep reminding yourself that you are playing casino because almost all the casinos in Las Vegas have hidden cameras. All your moves will get recorded. So, do not try to play smart and do something stupid like trying to fool other gamblers. You will get yourself landed in troubled water by doing something stupid like that.

Do not take photographs of the gaming areas

If there is a ‘No Camera’ policy, please obey that. Casinos are the bedrock of democracy and therefore, you have to play by their rules and unlike our federal rules, these rules are meant to be broken.

Stack Chips with lower Denomination at the Bottom

Stackers and thieves will be roaming around you once you start winning at the game and they will go for the chips that are on the top. So, make sure that you are stacking the least value chips on top. So, even if the top chips get stolen, your loss would not be huge. You have to keep a constant check on your belonging as there are some people who target unsuspecting tourists who seem to be a bit careless about their belongings.

Ask for Assistance whenever You need

If someone is giving you a funny feeling or making you feel a bit uncomfortable, do not hesitate to ask for assistance. Approach any casino employee or a security officer if you feel insecure after winning a jackpot. They will be more than happy to help you.

Change The Chips To Make It Easy To Carry

‘Do  color up the chips’ – it is a common expression in casino circles and it means that when leaving the casino board after an emphatic night, you need to change the value of the chip to a higher denomination. The reason is quite obvious. It is easy to carry and hide one $100 note than a hundred $1 notes. So, if you are to leave a casino board for some reasons, just change the denomination of the chips. This will help you avoid losing chips to some extent.

Check the Rules Before You Play

I know it is really tough to realize the bitter truth that if you happen to win a jackpot worth $1,199 or more, you will have to pay taxes. There is no way you can give Uncle Sam a miss. Make sure that you fill out all the necessary paper works if you win a jackpot. However, games like roulette and blackjack are not mostly non-taxable. So, it makes sense that you should check the rules before you start playing.

Casinos have the Right to ask You Stop Playing

Believe it or not, casinos have the right to ask you to stop playing when you are winning. This rule is known as ‘Right to Refuse Service’ and the casino owner can use this law to stop you from playing further. So, do not get surprised.

Do not Think Just About Winning

People do not play casino just for the sake of winning. They play because they love the thrill and passion associated with it. People, who visit Las Vegas often leave with empty pockets. Casino is just not about playing, rather it is also about feeling the excitement, doing something different and having some real fun. So, when you are losing in the game, place smaller bets as this will enable you to play longer and have more fun.

Do Not Lose Your Mind

Never bet more than what you can afford. It is great if you hit a jackpot, if not that is okay too. Casinos are for entertainment purpose, so do not lose yourself while playing. 

This article is contributed by Evans who is associated with http://bonusparadise.com/, a leading and trusted gambling forum.  

Online Bingo - The Most Fashionable Form of Fun
Written by anna luther   
Saturday, 17 September 2011 11:40

Bingo has been a hot game with all age of bingo lovers worldwide. It has remained a well-liked indoor game among the older generation. With its online emergence, it has revamped its reputation among the young people and enabled elderly people to play these games on a more simple to use platform. The possible opportunity through these games has also made them a very striking choice for people. It is extremely praised as one of the best gaming alternatives to wrap up fun, pleasure and thrill in a single package.


A large number of bingo fans and a massive web community of bingo players also exist who love playing this game in online bingo websites. Online bingo websites are accurately buzzing with players who take this brilliant opportunity to play this exciting game without actually caring to dress up and visit the land based casinos. In fact, there are a various reasons why online bingo sites are gaining recognition and progressively invigorating their strength with a growing member base. There are numerous alternatives of the bingo game available on these sites, making the game even more fascinating. However, several players are more and more choosing online bingo compare websites to select the best online site for their games.

Online bingo is an easy option which allows player to take the fun of the game minus the hassle. Reputed online bingo websites offer an ultimate gaming experience to the players with loads of games, bonuses, promotions, attractive graphic designs and great sound effects.

Online free bingo websites run 24 x 7 and therefore the player can just log in as per his eases and requires. Players find a selection of exciting games in these bingo halls which can furnish to the varied taste and preferences of the players. Almost all bingo sites offer an interactive gaming familiarity via active chat rooms, thereby allowing the gamers all across the world to compete, converse and exchange gaming fundamentals. You can enjoy this bingo game for free or for real money, whichever you like.

The online bingo sites also bring other offers to players like welcome gifts, cash prizes, bonuses, VIP promotions, free chips etc. Step into these sites for an electric gaming environment and the best bingo experience.

Online bingo games become the most fashionable form of amusement for professionals and the elderly people alike. It has modernized the game of bingo in various ways.


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