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When is it best to gamble online
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 13 July 2011 17:35

There are many ways to gamble online, when I say that most people will think, of course there is, you can play bingo online, put some money on the lottery or even join the massive poker tournaments. Of course all these things are true, but that is not what I was meaning. What I was meaning was the ways of gambling, irrespective of medium, format or game. Let me explain a little further.

Some people are born gamblers and they just like to gamble. This is above and beyond gambling addiction, which I will come to in a short while. Born gamblers and gambling addiction are very closely matched and it is often difficult to tell them apart. All I can say is that addicted gamblers have to gamble to be able to acheive their next big win, and will keep on going and going until it breaks them. That is not a good place to be.

Born gamblers I believe are those that gamble as and when they feel like it and often have good luck. They do not feel the need to go online and place a bet, or play roulette at an online casino. When a new casino bonus comes along they do not feel obliged to take them up on their offer. Sometimes they will.

So the best type of gambler is the born gambler and the way they gamble is sporadically and not with too much cash that could land them in trouble. The next thing to look at is state of mind whilst gambling. A big thing with many of my friends in the past has been online poker. They do not play that often but when they do it is normally late at night and with a few alcoholic drinks inside them. Often as they play they are consuming more drinks and slowly getting past their best.

Why do people do that. Often beacuse they are drunk, and want to "do something" with their endless drunken night, and what better way than to win loads of cash on the poker tables. They are invincible after all. Often starting out with small bets and slowly getting carried away on a 10 high straight. Not something they would do when sober or in the correct state of mind.

If you are a born gambler, like to gamble little and often, and often win. Then you must try to keep it that way. Do not be tempted to visit the blackjack tables when you have had a few bevvies. This will impair your judgement and potentially lose you a lot of money. When you have lost your money you will inevitably want to win it back and this means you gamble more and lose more. And then all hell breaks loose and you become an addict just waiting for that big win.

Being tired is another big problem. Most online gambling at casinos or poker rooms tends to happen late at night. This is what the casinos want. People late at night are not as fresh as they could be, and more often than not have had a big meal and bottle of wine or two. Fatigue sets in and before you know it you are a hundred bucks down, and the casino is starting to win. The key is to gamble when you are fresh, not feeling lethargic after dinner and definitely with a few glasses of sparkling water, not a few gallons of whiskey. So then, up it is in the morning. Get showered and dressed into something comfortable. Have yourself a light breakfast, perhaps some cottage cheese on a bagel, or even a donut or two. Dont take too much coffee and the caffeine will affect your concentration. Just some sparkling water or light fruit juice will be fine.

The next important thing to do is remove any distractions. Turn off the TV and/or radio. take the phone off the hook. Banish the other half, kids, pets, aliens etc. and then you are just about ready to settle down in front of the screen for a while at your favourite online casino. Don´t spend too much time. Give yourself a time limit, and a budget. Never break these.

Well that wasn´t quite how I intended this little story to evolve, but I just let things go with the flow. I should never write articles or blogs when I´m tired and drunk!!

Online Casino Gambling
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 24 May 2011 11:20

There are so many online casinos for us to choose from. We have great variety on offer to tempt us with different games, different bonuses, tournaments. Instant Flash play games, full download casinos, live dealer experiences. Basically everything we want is available. When it comes to choosing an online casino what it is that people look for. Often it is the software platform, other times it is the bonus that is offered. Reputation of the brand is another big factor and this is what we are going to look at in a little more detail.

A gaming brand can be categorised in many different ways. Firstly there is the operating brand name, i.e. what the casino is called. For example CASINO KING. This is a great casino that runs on Playtech software. But have you ever heard of the casino name before. Perhaps not. But when you actually look into it you can easily find that Casino King offers all the great Playtech games, it offers a safe a secure system for download and it give good bonuses for regular players. But not many actually know that it is part of a larger brand. Originally Casino King was an independent casino, it then grew with its customer base and teamed up with other online casino, poker and gaming providers and formed a group of well respected providers. The named casinos now available were Casino King, Swiss Casino, Casino Las Vegas. Over the years this increased into poker and more casinos. Names such as Noble Casino and Noble Poker were added to the list.

A little while later this brand were merged and became part of the Party Gaming brand. So now we have a large well respected brand, PARTY GAMING, operating and running several casinos, poker rooms, bingo, sports betting etc. etc. Everybody has heard of Party Poker, a huge player in online poker and casino gambling.. and now you know that Casino King is in fact part of the same "Group" or "Brand".

Earlier this year (March 2011) the huge Party Gaming company, that at the time operated 22 different online casino gambling brands, including Gamebookers, WPT Poker, Party Bingo etc. performed another merger with another huge online gambling brand to form the largest the world has ever seen. Betandwin started in 1997 and was started mainly as an online sports betting brand. Over the years it expanded into the world of online casino games, poker and bingo. The re-branded Bwin was born and quickly became a trusted and respected name. March 2011 saw the merger of BWIN and Party Gaming to form the new Bwin.Party. So, in addition to the existing 22 brands the Bwin name was also added to the list, along with Betoto (a huge Greek online betting company) and Sajoo (a large French brand), along with a popular UK online bingo brand Foxy Bingo.

So as you can see from this story, for those people that do want to know about reliability and determine who they are trusting with their online gambling then it is always good to do a bit of a background check. From Foxy Bingo to WPT Poker, from Casino Swiss to BWIN, from Gamebookers to PartyGammon. All these sites are in fact owned and operated by a single company. And that company is Bwin.Party. The biggest online gaming brand in the world.

There are many other similar stories to this with other groups. For example, a big UK high street brand named William Hill has been operating for many years through it´s network of high street betting shops/bookmakers. In the late 1990´s William Hill ventured into the online world with first sports betting but soon expanded into poker and casino. Over the years they have grown and grown and now William Hill Online own and operate several well known online gaming brands. A couple of years ago Williiam Hill Online struck a deal with one of the biggest online casino/bingo/poker software providers, a large firm called Playtech, to create a large network of online brands. Casinos include Eurogrand, 21 Nova, Prestige and Joyland. There is also Ruby Bingo. Along with the William Hill Casino, Poker, Bingo and Sports this group now offer 10 different brands that many people would not know are all part of the same growing family.

I do hope this little insight into the world of online gaming, casino and poker brands has been of interest. In no way should it stop you utilising the services of the names/brands mentioned, if anything it should make you more comfortable in the knowledge that a little online casino that you have never heard of can actually be safe, secure, have great support and be fit to handle your online casino gaming requirements.

Speak again soon.

Written by Richard   
Thursday, 28 October 2010 18:37
Bingo.com, Ltd. (OTCBB:BNGOF), operator of the popular online gaming community http://www.bingo.com, today announced it has entered into a formal agreement to join the Unibet partner program as a network operator of their multi-language and multi-currency bingo and casino systems. Bingo.com players will be combined with the gaming liquidity on Unibet's popular Mariabingo.com and Bingo.se websites to create one of the largest and most international online bingo systems in operation.

"Today marks a milestone in the development of Bingo.com," said Tarrnie Williams, the Company's CEO. "Through this partnership with Unibet, Bingo.com has the ability to maximize the value of its international traffic as it will now support over 20 languages and 10 currencies. Bingo.com will also realize cost savings in technology, finance, customer service and other departments that are included services in the Unibet partner program. Bingo.com, in partnership with Unibet, is now in a position to help lead the expansion of online bingo in the dozens of countries where bingo is played and loved."

"Signing a partnership with Bingo.com, one of the strongest bingo brand names in the industry, is obviously very positive for us. It shows that we really have a quality bingo network with great understanding for local needs. We look forward to growing our business together on existing and new markets," says Petter Nylander, CEO Unibet.

Unibet has developed an online gaming platform (PoweredByUnibet) and offers partners to be part of a bingo & casino network, based on leading software, social media features and all the components needed to offer a turn-key gaming solution.

New Slots Games
Sunday, 31 January 2010 20:22

I have been playing online slot machine games for many years now, I`ve been to all the best online casinos and tried all varieties. Firstly there were the classic slots, you know the type, three reels and a single payline across the centre. These soon progressed to multi payline slots where you could grab a winning combination not only across the middle line but also on the top row, bottom row or even diagonally. All the best places have these great online slots.

Soon after this the video slots and multi spin slots machines were born. The world of video slots has now gone absolutely crazy with wild cards, free spins, scatter symbols and crazy bonus games. I love them all. The amount of paylines available can be huge and win you mega bucks but one thing they all have in common is that you have 3 or 5 reels and 3 rows, and a winning payline is set from left to right in a pre-determined pattern.

It appears a new breed of online video slots is about to take the world by storm... the no payline video slot!! What does this mean exactly I hear you ask. Well it means that there are no pre-determined left to right pattern paylines on which the symbols have to fall to enable a win. Strange eh!

Online Slot Games
Written by Ammy Dylx   
Thursday, 07 January 2010 18:55
In the world of casino we often hear that so and so person won a big amount of money through gambling and wonder why we are not as lucky as the other person is but its not only about luck when it comes to gambling. The trickiest question is of choosing the most appropriate casino game if you really want to win lots and lots of money. The best casino that would be suitable for you would be the one that offers finest promotions, top security and lastly the best customer service. Customer service would hinder the new players with the games. Another main factor is choosing the best online casino game that would let you easily win huge amounts with great enjoyment. That would be none other than the famous Online Slot games. People can play these online games at any time and from anywhere. The Slot games are the most reputed games among not only the online casinos but also the real casinos in Vegas. There are a great number of slot games available online each with a different theme, features and promotions. The most reputed among the online slot gamesis the Kings and Queens and Aladdin’s Wishes. The Kings and queens slot game entails a lot of enthusiasm and an ability to deal with the king and queen. Kings and Queens online slot game presents 5 reels and 20 pay lines of fast velocity and high concentration slots. The player in this slot games gets whatever he wishes in Kings and Queens. Another most reputed online Slot games is Aladdin’s wishes. The signs for Aladdin’s desires seize you back to the Arabian nights. This online slot game contains 5 reels, 20 pay lines, and an utmost bet of 20 coins. The game is based on Aladdin’s story from the Arabian Nights displaying surprising animation to attract players. The game also displays similar kind of images of Aladdin and the magic lamp. The online Slot games are a must to play and have also become an addiction to the regular players. So visit to any online Casino and start playing.

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