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The legendary slots of vegas and the artists inspired by them
Written by Susan Adams   
Wednesday, 05 October 2011 10:45

Casinos have been the subject of fascination by many for decades. Both online casinos and brick and mortar establishments are subject of admiration by fans and detractors alike but especially by artists: movies, songs, books and may other forms of art have been created around the theme of casinos, in particular casinos in Las Vegas where gambling is basically a requirement for visitors and residents alike. Some of the tributes that have been paid to the memory of Las Vegas include hits like the movie Leaving Las Vegas, a sad recollection of the life of an alcoholic who wishes to spend the last days of his lifetime in Vegas, the gambling and entertainment capital of the world, giving in to temptation, but instead finds the love of his life in the most unlikely scenario. Although his problem wasn’t gambling, he does spend quite some time from the movie at a casino, showing the ins and outs of the slots of vegas and the Las Vegas Casino lifestyle.

The popular phrase "you gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em," comes from a Kenny Rogers song. This American singer, songwriter and rumoured free online casino games enthusiast was born in August 21st, 1938 and was able to portray the sentiment that accompanies gambling in a very wise set of lyrics that imply you need to be aware there’s a time for everything and avoid getting caught up in the thrill before you end up losing money you couldn’t afford to spend at the Slots of Vegas.

Other artistic expressions reveal gambling as a much more sophisticated past time, enjoyed only by connoisseurs. We’re talking about movies, especially those starring James Bond (always on the Majesty’s secret service) popping up high tech devices that range from combination safe-cracking machines to guns disguised as watches which he uses during his fantastic, jaw-dropping escapes from fully armed, dangerous enemies. But now, back to the blackjack tables, James Bond has instilled class in gambling and has even turned the Martini into a classic casino drink. Free online casino sites feature slot themes based on this epic action hero.

A classic is "Luck Be a Lady" by Frank Sinatra. This enchanting song made its debut during the famed Broadway musical "Guys and Dolls" during the late 50’s in the US. You’d never guess who sang this wonderful piece? … None other than the always charismatic and mysterious Marlon Brando who bets the love of his life and can lose or win her depending on what lady luck decides. Not very flattering for women, but most certainly a classic that cannot be missed when talking about songs about casino slots of vegas, and women to die for.

Some useful techniques and guidelines for winning more at online slot machines!
Tuesday, 22 October 2013 12:08

For making money at free online slot machines you need to put some strategy in use. The craze for online slots is high as for the slot gamers it offers a great platform for practising the game and winning excellent bonuses as well. Playing at online slot casinos is not only full of fun and thrill; it lets you learn many things as well. And when it is about "free" slot games it is obvious that your head will turn and you would like to check it out yourself. In case of online casinos, you can greatly utilise the opportunities to play for free; like any other fields, the lure of free online slot games is irresistible. The gamers get free access to slot machines and these games can be played straight away on the website or can be downloaded. Isn’t it quite interesting?

Let’s find out how to win more with free online slot machines:

·     The online slots are the simulation of the real slots. Using free slot games the beginners can get the huge advantage of familiarising themselves with the slot games. In many of the games the play starts with entering virtual money on the slot machines and as the winning combination is achieved it’s time for machine payout which is also virtual money, no real money is collected.

·     The programme that runs the online slot machines follows a common principle and tasting your luck on online machines is as thrilling and as exciting as on the real slot machines. In case of traditional slot machines, it is the mechanism of the machines upon which the results depend, whereas, in case of online version a random number generator programme is utilised. Here numbers are picked up by the computer randomly that stand for a specific symbol in each reel. With all the reels assigned with a symbol, the combination for determining the fate of the player is developed.  


·     The initial step of playing in online slot machines is choosing the amount of money you want to invest. You can then go on and register. The free online slots ensure you some fantastic time of your life; it is not only fun but risk-free as well and above all you can do it all at the comfort of your house.

·    A big reason that the slot machines are in huge demand is that the customers are taken in by their look and exciting nature. The thrilling sound produced by the slot machines let them have the feeling of winning the jackpot. These are appealing, colourful and come with bonus rounds and there are always chances of big cash payout. When it is free online slots you do not require any skills or experience. The free bonus slots are in huge demand by the gamers of online casinos. The bonus rounds come as a revolution for online games.

There are hundreds of video slots and classic slots casino games available for a fun-filled and safe experience. In the top sites for slots games you can find a fantastic collection of Slot Machine Games in one place with plenty of games for you to choose from. Some of the reputed sites offer you some added advantages; here you do not need to download software, deposit any fund or register, simply get the internet connection and have the thrill of ultimate slot games.

Playing securely at online casinos
Tuesday, 16 July 2013 14:18
Many casino players quite rightly worry about their security.  This is of course an issue for everyone who is risking their money online.  

People do tend to worry whether their credit card details are safe, whether the casino will give their deposit back, and whether the casino will pay out when they win.  These issues are quite separate unfortunately!  Casino security is usually good for all casinos that are licensed.  

All details are encrypted, and licensed casinos have to ensure they are kept up to standard when it comes to encrypting data and storing details.  Although you might have an issue of giving your details to a new casino you have never heard of, a reliable casino should be no more risky than buying goods online.

Issues with withdrawing deposits normally come about not because the casino is stealing money, but because the player did not read the small print.  Bonus offers frequently come with small print.  

If you accept the bonus then you will be accepting all the terms and conditions that can come with it.  These conditions always revolve around the play through requirement.  Every bonus offer comes with a play through requirement – this can be anything from 20 x the bonus to 100 x the bonus plus the deposit.  

There can also be additional rules such as you cannot play roulette, or you cannot play blackjack.  If you break any of the rules, then both your deposit and bonus can be forfeit.  

On the outside this can seem very harsh.  After all if you deposited £1000 into a casino and accepted a £1000 bonus, and you then decided to play a single game of roulette, then you can lose all your money!  Of course most casinos are quite forgiving in that they will allow you to take out your deposit (minus the money lost) if you break the rules.  

However, you still need to talk to customer service, and argue your case.  You are better off reading the rules, and not accepting the bonus if you do not wish to read and follow them!

If you do manage to follow the bonus rules then there should be no issue about taking your money out.  The last issue many people have with casinos is they wonder whether the casino will actually pay out their winnings.  

With small winnings there is normally no issue at all.  There are plenty of winners who take out $100, $500 without any issues.  Problems do arise if you win a large sum of money in some casinos.  

Again, if you read the small print some casinos will limit the amount you take out per day.  If you are lucky to win $1 million, you can find that you can only take out $1000 a day, which means that you will need 3 years to take out your winnings!  Of course, not all casinos have these rules – just be sure again that you know the rules before you get disappointed!

Find out more about how the online casinos protect the privacy of their players, always read the website rules on security and gambling withdrawals before signing up.

Is it safe to play in an online casino. Find out more about protecting your privacy and your money.  Find out who are offering the best online bonuses.

Changes in Online Pokies Games
Written by Lola   
Tuesday, 17 July 2012 14:46
As the debate on whether to legalize pokies continues, gambling companies are still making more money out of the business. Even as more countries continue to legalize pokies in order to fund their national budgets, other countries have completely failed to adhere to the legalization calls and are instead cracking the whip on those found engaging in the business. Even with the numerous restrictions, pokies operators still finds ways of beating the system and continue with their operations unabated. In America, the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act has criminalized gambling in the country but gamblers have found a way of beating the authorities at their own game.
Ideally, the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act allows gamblers to enjoy in the fun of the game but makes it criminal for anyone trying to process the bets. Despite this legislation, operators have devised a way to go around the system and now collections are made in offshore accounts where the practices are around. Through this way, people are still able to take part in poker games and win money in the process even though it is illegal.
Having recognized this loophole, pay operators are making changes in the industry that makes it hard for Americans to take part in online pokies. In recent months, credit card giants Visa and MasterCard entered into an agreement that prevented cardholders from using their credit cards to make payments to gambling companies. This action locks out people who were using their credit cards to take part in the gambling business in the United States. These changes are a big blow to pokies lovers who were using this method to skirt the law.
The move by Visa and MasterCard is a big blow to pokies operators who make lots of money from the American market. Although the use of the cards to make betting payments is still accepted in countries where the practice is allowed, the American market is critical since money gotten from this market is not taxed. This means that poker companies have lost a big source of revenue.
Just a few months after Visa and MasterCard implemented the legislation, casino owners have already come with a way to beat the law. Traditionally, betting providers are identified by their SIC code of ‘7995’. After the credit card giants took this move, gambling operators started to record online gaming deposits as ‘other’ forms of payment. Through this way, the operators have managed to beat the credit card giants and the government at their own game and continue to enjoy payments using this service.
Although the enactment of this legislation could have created a period of uncertainty for U.S. pokies lovers, the quick thinking nature of the casino operators has solved this problem and people can still enjoy their game. Instead of playing this government, which they are definitely losing, the government should legalize the gambling business and create regulations to govern it. By doing this, they will be giving gamblers an opportunity to enjoy their game without fearing repercussions and it will act as a source of income for the government.  
Casinos Taking the Next Gen Step
Written by Casinotest   
Tuesday, 26 June 2012 12:48
Taking the casinos to the next level, online casinos have been introduced. In today’s date nothing can be better than internet for the expansion of business. As internet has brought the world to our homes, from shopping to banking everything is present at our desk then why not casinos. The concept of online casinos has been introduced which works wonders for gamblers. This concept is the outcome of fast transforming world. Now pleasure of gambling is on your screen. You can try out your luck and enjoy your favourite casino game from where ever and whenever you wish to. When the generation is counting on each and every second then use of internet is the best window to save time. It is the window to the glamour of gamble as well now.

How does the concept of online casinos work?
These virtual casinos or the internet casinos provide the players some of the most popular casinos games like the blackjack, roulette, bingo and poker. There is live dealer who helps you to place your bets. The online casinos offer comparable payback percentage with those land based casinos. Online casinos are available with two formats. One of the formats is the download type in which the player orb the user is required to download the software for the game. The software has got the graphics, sound, and animation to make the gaming experience more live. The software connects the player with the service provider to handle the contact and help in the deals. The other format of online casinos is the web based in which no software downloading is required. You get the live gambling experience on your screen. Only a certain bandwidth is required for the sound and the graphics.

Live casinos are the windows to the casino studios. Through live casinos the player places his/her bets through the live dealers and can have the pleasure of games like black jack, roulette etc. Player can enjoy the game with others making use of the multiple game options that he/she is provided with. Novoline is the available interesting game that online casinos offer. This is the game that is popularising the online casinos.

Which game to play is also a question that generally rises in the mind of new players. To help the player in making a right selection of game, there are casino test. These casino test rate the games and rank them accordingly. Players can make use of the games rank and make his/her selection accordingly.

Legal issues
Answer to the question of legality of online casinos can be given depending upon the nation. Round the globe there are nation accepting these online and live casinos under legal boundaries but some nation do not consider it legal at all. Every country has its own laws so the player can check for that.

To control the fraud and cases of cheating there is an online casino player community that helps the players. It provides safety and ensures users withdrawing payments.

Casinotest: We are live casino website. In casinotest.eu, you can get all the newest Novoline Spiele opinions through which you can get the complete information of present Novoline activities in Germany.


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