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Betting Is Basic
Written by Ronny Farkash   
Monday, 31 August 2009 19:02

Betting is one of our basic characteristics. The thrill of win/lose, the surprise factor the chance to get something in non-linear way where you get it for less than its worth – all of these are part of our nature.

Countries that forbid free gambling are actually hide behind their will to collect the benefit of this crave on behalf of moral.

In those places, the state takes over the control over gambling by conducting national lottery and forbid all others to deal freely with the derivatives of this basic impulse. But nevertheless in all those places gambling is still flourishing, controlled mainly by the criminal factors. No one can stop our nature.

The internet has brought us with a variety of solutions that Governments could not have the legal power to enforce the prohibition of gaming and playing on chances. Nobody had never succeeded in stopping us from acting as our nature dictates.

The rain of sites that offer us with all kind of betting and gambling is going stronger. All kinds of sites – from casino sites with a limited leverage and strict rules that bound our chances, to commerce entertainment sites, that allow you to win a cheap laptop 10 times. And what would do with the other 9 that you don't need, but to sell them in discounted price in the free second hand market, and make couple of thousands after investing a little to win them?

First, it is nothing wrong to be natural. Play, bet win, lose and fill the thrill. This is part of you. Now, you have to choose your favorite site that will provide you with the most satisfied time and experience. A site that lets you use your brain and utilize your inherent skills of a thinking creature, a site that has game rule and utilities that may fascinate you and be your virtual home for you as playing human being ("Games People Play", Eric Bern, 1964).

Now, make sure that your favorite site meets several basics:

1.          Reliability and trust.

2.          Games features that you can get in to them and gain the enthusiasm.

3.          Buy back option – where your winning the car for the second time will be translated into real cash, letting you feel a winner.


The most promising site is qwikwin.co.uk. They are launching in mid October, but their current activity in that pre launch stage, along with an interview with their Marketing Director may promise a refreshing phenomenon in the boring landscape of commerce entertainment sites across the web.
Las Vegas V Online
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 29 October 2008 13:16

Having played in Las Vegas casinos and online casinos I decided to analyze the differences between the two. Which would come out on top, the bright lights, sexy waitresses and general party atmosphere or computer generated graphics games and the comfort of your own home?

I had the chance to experience Las Vegas first hand a few years ago and loved it! It really is a 24 hour party town. I couldn´t go to Vegas and not gamble a few dollars away so that is exactly what I did. I won a little then lost the lot, great!

Las Vegas casinos are like medium size towns with bars, restaurants, shopping malls, hair salons and everything and anything else you would expect to find in your town center. Enter the main casino games section and you will find a whole floor dedicated to slot machines, a section of table games with dozens of roulette tables, blackjack and poker tables. The friendliness of the staff is second to none and soon you will be enjoying your favorite drink for free. If you gamble on the casino games all your drinks are free.

The catch for free drinks is that the more drinks you have the more drunk you become and the less you care about putting another few dollars in the machine or another $100 on a game of blackjack. Slots machines have huge jackpots and often you can see a Ferrari or Harley Davidson Motorcycle spinning around overhead as the jackpot prize.So what happens if you hit the jackpot on a $1m slot machine? I enquired about this and a hotel/casino employee told me that the casino lights up like the 4th of July and then you are surrounded by a mafia of security to escort you to the manager’s office where he presents you with a briefcase containing the $1m. You are then offered a limo and the security team to escort you to the bank to deposit you winnings. Apparently no-one has turned down the security offer. I personally would not like to walk out of a casino with a briefcase containing $1m that the whole casino saw you win. Not gonna get too far without being attacked!Casinos cater for everyone so it does not matter what your budget is you can always find a game to play within that budget, 10cents slots machines to $100,000,000 a spin roulette tables and everything in between.

All in all Las Vegas is a fun town with fabulous casinos that anyone who likes a flutter would get a kick out of.

So what can the online casino give us that Las Vegas cannot? Also having played in online casinos, I can give you my opinion of my online gaming experiences.
Freedom to Gamble
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 29 October 2008 13:09

Since the introduction of the latest US gaming act many online casinos have stopped accepting players from the US in to their casinos. The Law does not outlaw gambling but it is illegal for American financial institutions to process transactions originating from or directed towards any online gambling operator. So if you cannot transfer funds to an online gaming site such as an online casino then you might as well outlaw gambling in the US.


I work hard for my money as do many others and if I want to but some groceries I can, if I want to buy a car, I can, if I want to go to the cinema, I can. My money is my money and I should be allowed to spend it as I wish which means if I want to gamble I should be allowed to do just that. Whatever happened to the Land of the Free?

The US allows their citizens the opportunity to buy guns but not to transfer their own money in to online gaming sites. I believe there is something wrong here. Many US citizens enjoy a little flutter in an online casino and as long as they are having a little flutter it means that they are not out shooting people. Maybe if all the people who can no longer gambling in online gaming sites went out and shot a member of the government they might reconsider the law.

It is ok to transfer funds to other gambling related sites like national lotteries, horseracing etc and many of the people involved in the creation of the law are benefitting from this new law. I wonder if any of the congressmen had positions as a director of an online casino, would this law have been even thought of never mind passed! 

The US has the capitol of gambling residing in its garden and if you want to play casino slots, blackjack or other casino games there are no problems. What if you do not live close to a casino? Surely you have the right to deposit fund to a harmless online gaming site. You are not hurting anyone by playing a few hands of poker on the internet. Some people are making a killing from this new law while others are closing down and those making a killing are those responsible for the passing of said law.


Is it not time to have some common sense shoved up the backside of the US Government?

Online Casinos feel the credit crunch
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 23 October 2008 10:09

Latest news from the financial markets regarding the economic downtown can be found all over the internet. We have the latest press release and news article from Market Watch regarding the impact this credit crunch is having on the online gambling world and what the smart gaming operators are doing about it.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, Oct 22, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- Every business feels the current credit crunch. Even the online casino business. One of the many online casino sites out there, La Isla Casino http://www.laislacasino.com, have taken this into consideration and made some changes to their operation and casino bonus structure.

"We see that the number of sign ups and deposits are more or less the same but the average deposit amount has dropped by 30%" says casino manager Afshin Ertanin. "As a result of that we have to cater to a market based on smaller deposits."

"We are now offering our clients an opportunity to get a bonus on every deposit they make, starting from as low as 21 pounds. Our welcome bonus will give players 100% matching bonus on their first deposit and 150% matching bonus on their second deposit, when depositing as little as 20 pounds. We feel that too many casinos' today spend a lot of energy towards the high roller. The average player who likes to make a wager now and then seems to be forgotten.

With the fully automated bonus structure La Isla Casino allows the players the full freedom to choose if they want a bonus on every deposit or not. And since it is fully automated bonuses are in their accounts the second they make a deposit.

"The online casino industry will have to rethink their strategies in the coming years as more and more people are losing their credit cards. Plus the fact that many banks have blocked their customers from making deposits with their credit cards to a licensed casino we are focusing on alternative and safe ways of depositing and making withdrawals".

Offering special bonuses when players use payment methods such as U-Kash, ClickandBuy and Click2Pay does make it easier for the player and the casino, and is something that we are utilising to full effect.

"The fully automated casino bonus is very simple, we have set up specific amounts for the player to deposit that will automatically trigger a bonus. Every time a player makes deposits of sums such as 21, 31, 41, 51, 61 and so on they will automatically get a bonus. To see the full list, go to http://www.laislacasino.com/casino-promotions.php.

"Yes, we are mainly an online slots casino and our automatic bonuses are for online slots games. But we do offer a special table games bonus for Black Jack, Poker, Roulette and Video Pokers to regular players. And the weekly free bonus we issue every Wednesday to our regular players can be used on any game - except progressive games.

"Of course the credit crunch will affect us as well as the other brands out there, but I think we are well prepared for it and are not that worried. We started changing our marketing strategy in early 2008 preparing for this so I am confident that la Isla Online Casino Slots can ride through the coming months or years of market downturn."

La Isla Casino is a licensed online casino owned and operated by Hailwood Gaming Ltd who also owns and operate MegaKings.Com, both online casino runs on Playtech software and offer casino, Bingo and online Poker.

The article and news story can be read in full at Market Watch Casino News.

Blackjack Basics
Written by Jennifer Bates   
Thursday, 18 September 2008 11:34

Blackjack can be easy once you've become accustomed to playing, but still most players choose to read a few rules before playing, which is a good idea. The rules of Blackjack can change. In fact, they can switch from one game to another depending on variables which had been chosen by the House before starting the game. You can choose to play Blackjack in both online and land based casinos, but before deciding upon it you should take into consideration a few facts.

Usually, each player plays only against the blackjack dealer, also called "House" or the "Bank". Your goal as a player is mainly to beat the House and win all their money by calling cards until the total of your hand is as close as possible to 21 without going bust. If the value of the first 2 of your cards sum 21, then you obtained the best possible combination, called Natural Blackjack. If the dealer's hand is closer to the magic number 21 than yours, then the house wins. The dealer has to follow a well defined set of rules that apply only to the game of the House, and to know what the dealer can do is just as important as being aware of what you can do to win.

It is much easier to learn the rules of playing blackjack on the Internet than playing in a real casino. In a real casino you will not only feel the pressure from people that gamble near you and from the dealer, but must also bet nice sums of money to learn while practicing. This is something that you should avoid. If you choose to play online, you can avoid this situation, because you can play Blackjack for free at virtual casinos before making any real money bets.

The rules of virtual Blackjack are the same as at land based casino Blackjack, which, as mentioned above, can vary from casino to casino. It is very easy to play over the Internet. Since the program does not let you make any mistakes, playing is as easy as a simple mouse click. Open the software to learn the names of the chips with which you can gamble, and to make a bet click the tab with that name. The program will automatically tab in the area of betting chips. To cancel your bet, click the right button in the area of chips betting. Blackjack regulations stipulate that standard values of playing cards are the following: 10, J, Q, and K having as value 10, an Ace values either 1 or 11, while the other cards have the same value as their number, e.g. a 5 has as value also 5.

The rules that the Blackjack dealer follows are quite simple, in case the dealer’s hand has the value 16 or below that, then you should take another card. When the value of the Bank’s hand is 17 or above that, then you should stand. You have to keep in mind the fact that in some casinos the rules allow the House to continue to take cards when a hand is not firm, so this gives a small advantage to the house. Fortunately at some casinos the dealer stands whenever you have a 17 either firm or not firm. The strategy of the Bank is usually fixed and can not be changed during the game to beat the player.

The player can ask for the cards he/she wants (this procedure is also called hit) and can stand anytime, no wonder why the game is often referred to as Hit or Stand. According to the agreed rules, when a player gets a Natural Blackjack (when its first two cards are the following: Ace and 10) then he/she will be paid 150% (3-2) related to the original stake. For example, if you bet $10, then it will pay $15. You can only double the bet when the total of the first 2 cards is a 9, a 10 or an 11. When you have the option of cracking, the program asks if you want to do it or not.

As you can see, Blackjack isn’t at all difficult once you get familiar with its basic rules and terminology. You don’t need to be a card counter or math genius in order to win at 21; all you need to do is to find a decent place where you can gamble as you please. A good suggestion may be to play online and try out the free games offered by the best casinos, and this way you will gain some experience as well. So what will be your next move, hit or stand?


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