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Cool Casino Tips for Newbie
Monday, 28 October 2013 21:55

Participating in a casino game should be fun and fascinating but those, who are in this game for the first time, may feel a little intimidated at the idea of rolling the dice or distributing the cards. And the concerns are not totally unfounded because if you started off on the wrong foot, all your enthusiasm will go wasted.  So, it makes sense that you are aware of some cool casino tips before you enter the world of casino and gambling –

Don’t Do Anything Stupid

Remember what the father in law of Dugg says in the famous movie ‘Hangover’? Yup, you do remember – ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’. So, keep reminding yourself that you are playing casino because almost all the casinos in Las Vegas have hidden cameras. All your moves will get recorded. So, do not try to play smart and do something stupid like trying to fool other gamblers. You will get yourself landed in troubled water by doing something stupid like that.

Do not take photographs of the gaming areas

If there is a ‘No Camera’ policy, please obey that. Casinos are the bedrock of democracy and therefore, you have to play by their rules and unlike our federal rules, these rules are meant to be broken.

Stack Chips with lower Denomination at the Bottom

Stackers and thieves will be roaming around you once you start winning at the game and they will go for the chips that are on the top. So, make sure that you are stacking the least value chips on top. So, even if the top chips get stolen, your loss would not be huge. You have to keep a constant check on your belonging as there are some people who target unsuspecting tourists who seem to be a bit careless about their belongings.

Ask for Assistance whenever You need

If someone is giving you a funny feeling or making you feel a bit uncomfortable, do not hesitate to ask for assistance. Approach any casino employee or a security officer if you feel insecure after winning a jackpot. They will be more than happy to help you.

Change The Chips To Make It Easy To Carry

‘Do  color up the chips’ – it is a common expression in casino circles and it means that when leaving the casino board after an emphatic night, you need to change the value of the chip to a higher denomination. The reason is quite obvious. It is easy to carry and hide one $100 note than a hundred $1 notes. So, if you are to leave a casino board for some reasons, just change the denomination of the chips. This will help you avoid losing chips to some extent.

Check the Rules Before You Play

I know it is really tough to realize the bitter truth that if you happen to win a jackpot worth $1,199 or more, you will have to pay taxes. There is no way you can give Uncle Sam a miss. Make sure that you fill out all the necessary paper works if you win a jackpot. However, games like roulette and blackjack are not mostly non-taxable. So, it makes sense that you should check the rules before you start playing.

Casinos have the Right to ask You Stop Playing

Believe it or not, casinos have the right to ask you to stop playing when you are winning. This rule is known as ‘Right to Refuse Service’ and the casino owner can use this law to stop you from playing further. So, do not get surprised.

Do not Think Just About Winning

People do not play casino just for the sake of winning. They play because they love the thrill and passion associated with it. People, who visit Las Vegas often leave with empty pockets. Casino is just not about playing, rather it is also about feeling the excitement, doing something different and having some real fun. So, when you are losing in the game, place smaller bets as this will enable you to play longer and have more fun.

Do Not Lose Your Mind

Never bet more than what you can afford. It is great if you hit a jackpot, if not that is okay too. Casinos are for entertainment purpose, so do not lose yourself while playing. 

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