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Tuesday, 16 September 2008 11:32

At Casino-Slots-Gambling we have some basic rules for submission and collection of the gambling and casino articles that are posted here. These guidelines need to be followed at all times. These guidelines have been put in place to protect all parties and non adherence to these guidelines will result in your account being terminated.

Article Submission Guidelines

  1. Your article must be related to the online gambling industry.
  2. An article must consist of at leat 500 words.
  3. A maxiumum of 3 external links is permitted in an article.
  4. Use of indecent or foul language will not be tolerated.
  5. You may post as much and as often as you wish.
  6. Make sure you submit your article into the correct section/category. The section should always be "Articles".
  7. The links contained within your article are important, make sure you use them wisely. We do not accept links to no gambling related pages.
  8. We reserve the right to alter your text and remove your links if we feel that they are not in keeping with our code of practice.
  9. Articles must be written in English.

Guidelines for using articles on your own website

  1. You may take any published article and use the copy text/content on your own website.
  2. Articles must be taken in their entirety.
  3. Original links within the articles must remain in place.
  4. To take an articles you should be a registered member of our site.
  5. When taking an article please add a comment to the article, this comment should contain a link to the site where the article is to be used.
  6. Do not alter any content within the article.
  7. Articles are only to be used on gambling related websites.

I hope all these guidelines make sense to you. Please ensure that you follow them, that way we┬┤ll all be happy. These guidelines will alter and be expanded as time goes on so please keep checking them to make sure you are doing the right thing.


Thanks for listening.


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